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All-time forehand drill
prepared by Stan Oley, USPTA

Type: Singles Category: Conditioning/forehand/groundstroke

Levels: Beginner/int./adv. Time/players: 20 minutes/1-4

Description and goals:

This FBT60 drill will improve a player’s fitness and forehand groundstroke. Player should focus on moving and making a quality rally shot.


Set ball machine (or Pro) in the center of the baseline. First ball should be a rally shot that lands around the baseline after splitting the service box in two. Player A hits forehand crosscourt and recovers to center of the court as machine feeds second ball that lands around the baseline after splitting the other service box in two. Player A runs around backhand to hit inside-out forehand then recovers to the center of the court as the machine feeds the next ball and you repeat the drill. Player should hit 12-20 forehands depending on fitness level, then rest for 20-30 seconds. Repeat drill four times.

Variations: Widen or narrow the distance player must travel to reach each shot to increase or decrease the intensity. Do the drill by hitting only backhands. With multiple players, keep rotations moving quickly.

Key points:

Make sure player hits rally balls to improve consistency. Ball frequency should be set so that when player A’s shot passes the front of the ball machine, it should pitch another ball. Widen or narrow the distance betwen shots, increase or decrease intensity.

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