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John Embree, USPTA CEOClose to Completion

It was January 2014 at the first ­USPTA Board Meeting of the year when Thaddeus Seymour from the Tavistock Company and Virgil Christian from the USTA came to our World Headquarters in Houston to inform the board about an incredible project that was planned to build a state-of-the-art tennis complex in a community outside of Orlando, Fla., called Lake Nona. At that time, the presentation was strictly informational with no thought that it would eventually become our new home. Over the course of the next 18 months, the board and our Executive Committee conducted the proper due diligence to understand more thoroughly what exactly this new National Campus would mean to the tennis market and whether or not it would be in our best interest to uproot from our Houston location and set up shop adjacent to this magnificent facility.    


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Jack MichalkoTournament Tennis -- A Priority?

One of the questions asked of me at my first Executive Committee meetings was, “Why do we budget money for USPTA tournaments when they involve so few members?” It was a legitimate question to me as the newly assigned chairman of the USPTA Tournament Committee. I probably answered it, “Huh?”, but I believe it deserves some examination from those whose profession is tennis.

I hope you have enjoyed a copy of the newly published history of the USPTA. In it you will note that our 1927 founders were well known and mostly nationally ranked players who had turned to teaching the game. 

Tournaments were an integral part of all the annual meetings of the association. In fact those events probably peaked with the 1970’s and ’80’s divisional team events during World Conferences. ... more


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