The Trouble with Technique – How to Improve Junior Development

By Dan Beedle, USPTA

When a young junior student shows up for her first lesson, it is typical for the pro to hit with her a bit to see how she is hitting the ball. Then the pro will go over how to hit a forehand and proceed to feed balls to the student to let the individual practice the technique that the pro was demonstrating. more

$5,000 USPTA Grass Court Championships in June

Ever want to play on the sweet grass courts at the International Tennis Hall of Fame? Now’s your chance! The historical tennis center located in Newport, R.I., will be the host of the 2017 USPTA Grass Court Championships. The tournament is scheduled for June 20-23, and is open for registration to USPTA-certified Professionals through June 13. more

USPTA, USTA Work Together for Premier Event

We’re changing up the ­USPTA World Conference this year and holding it in conjunction with the USTA Tennis Development Workshop. The event will be held at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld, Oct. 11-15, slightly later than our usual September dates, but one month earlier than the traditional USTA TDW dates. more

Cardio Tennis
Who are Your Cardio Tennis Key Stakeholders?
Try this new approach to grow Cardio Tennis fast!
By Mike Woody, TIA Global Cardio Tennis Trainer

Cardio Tennis Professionals across the country have a significant stake in growing their programs with new ideas and better understanding of customer motivations.

Not only are there financial implications of growing Cardio Tennis, but this unique fitness experience can boost interest in the overall tennis agenda of your organization. more


What do our Adult Students Expect From us?

By Feisal Hassan, USPTA Master Professional

As tennis pros, we need to be very understanding and empathetic of the adult players we teach and coach.

Our adult students expect the following from us:

1.  Commitment to lifelong learning – Lifelong learning is a hallmark of a profession as a whole and a professional. What if your auto mechanic didn’t continue to learn? Chances are your newer high-tech automobile couldn’t be serviced. What if your doctor or surgeon didn’t continue to learn? Chances are you wouldn’t get the newer laparoscopic or robotic procedure. We should hold ourselves to a standard of lifelong learning as our game of tennis continues to evolve, and we need to continue to evolve with it and continue to learn.














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