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This is Your Team of Leaders.

by Gary Trost, USPTA President

As we pass by the first six months of the new USPTA national board of directors and our latest board of directors meeting in Oklahoma City, it is important that I take this opportunity to explain to you the national board’s jobs and committees. This will give you an update on where we are headed and how we will address issues facing the association. It would be this president’s wish to leave this position with the association in a better place with excellent leaders ready and trained to step up. Here are some of the responsibilities they will oversee during the 2018-2019 term:

First Vice President Feisal Hassan
Budget and Finance Committee

Feisal has a mandatory assignment of being the Treasurer along with being the budget and finance chair. The national board along with the Budget and Finance Committee are reviewing the current financials and future budgets that Feisal and our staff submit. Feisal also assists me in day to day decisions and gives me a great perspective on how to handle issues that may arise.

Vice President Cari Buck  
Marketing Task Force

Cari is leading the Marketing Task Force that I thought we needed as an association. Although the Marketing Task Force is not an official committee of the association, she has the extremely important position of working with the national committees and the national office to blend the necessary marketing materials together. To assist with her duties as the chair of the Marketing Task Force, Cari has chosen a small group to help her promote the association both internally and externally.

Vice President Mark Faber
Membership Committee

Mark served on the Membership Committee for a couple years and was a natural choice to take the reins. This is a larger committee that has a few different specialized groups working within the entire scope of membership. I could probably spend this entire article trying to expand on the different ways that this group is looking to enhance your membership here at the USPTA and make it better for you now and in the future.

Vice President Trish Faulkner
Award and Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Trish had a late start to her position as the awards chair and diversity and inclusion chair but has quickly shown why the current board appointed her in January. Both are medium sized committees and the awards were the priority with a deadline in April to have everything ready for the 2018 Tennis Teachers Conference in August.

Vice President Bill Mountford
Education Committee

Bill is the chair of the Education Committee that has the dual role of preparing our association for the USTA accreditation along with the education requirements for all of us to maintain our membership. Yes, that’s right, it is half way to everyone needing to have their education credits and this committee is ready to provide all USPTA members with all of the details. Bill has chosen a smaller committee to see these tasks through.

Vice President Rich Slivocka
Testing and Certification/Competition and Rankings

Rich is assigned as the Testing and Certification Committee chair and this medium size group also has the difficult task of preparing for the USTA accreditation status as well as ensuring continuity in the testing and certification processes nationwide. As a tournament player, he also leads the Tournament, Competition and Rankings Committee as we try to inspire members to compete in the USPTA Surface Championships Series.

Immediate Past President Chuck Gill
Ethics Screening Committee

Chuck is my advisor and counselor with his knowledge from being a former president and his level-headed approach to situations. He also serves as the chair of the Ethics Screening Committee, which is a very small group handling some touchy situations.

In addition to their assignments, Cari, Mark, and Trish have stepped up to work alongside the USPTA Foundation to assist the team of Nancy Cox, Angie Koumaris, Warren Lem, Christin Thurston and Pat Whitworth. I know they continue to need help for volunteering and fundraising.

There is our team. Your team of leaders. We don’t view ourselves as a “national board of directors” because we are just like every other member of this great association – we are volunteering to make it better. I cannot forget to mention that all of these committees work with the Executive Committee, executive administrators and of course the great staff at the national office. Please contact us if you have concerns or need help in any of these areas mentioned.

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