USPTA Addvantage Magazine

November/December 2018

November/December 2018


A New Day by John R. Embree, USPTA Chief Executive Officer
What’s in it for me? by Feisal Hassan , USPTA First Vice President
Sport psychology for kids WHEN SHOULD IT BEGIN?  by USPTA Master Professional Ronald B. Woods Ph.D., and E. Paul Roetert Ph.D.
The Magic of the Grip Jump by Rod Heckelman, USPTA Professional
3 Simple Tactics to Help Your Players Get More Aggressive And More Consistent by Peter C. Scales, Ph.D., USPTA Professional
How to Fuel Your Passion: Become a Buddy Up Tennis Coach! by Beth Gibson, President of Buddy Up Tennis
10 Reasons to Play Tennis For Individuals with Autism by Lisa Pugliese, 2018 USPTA Star Awardee, Love Serving Autism, Founder
Tennis Thanks the Troops Events Support Military Families by Amanda Folks, Program Manager - ThanksUSA

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