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The Huge Potential POP Tennis Has for You and Your Facility

by Ken Lindner, CEO of International POP Tennis Association, Inc.

POP Tennis is the sport for the people—ALL PEOPLE. It’s a sport that can be played by everyone, no matter what their athletic ability and skill level. I personally began playing POP Tennis, as an overweight, uncoordinated, six-year-old. The elating feelings of mastery and accomplishment that I experienced, were hugely empowering and exhilarating. It was because of my training in POP Tennis, that I became an avid tennis player and athlete for life.

So, let me explain why, as a teaching pro or tennis director, POP Tennis, is YOUR answer to retaining and adding members/players to your facility:

1. POP Tennis IS Tennis—it’s a fun and addicting form of short court tennis. Unlike Pickleball, Padel, and other racquet sports, POP Tennis and tennis have the exact same strokes, footwork, strategies, and scoring, and can be played with your existing infrastructure and equipment.  Your facility can utilize its 36 and 60 foot, blended-line courts, net and net height, green, orange, and red dot balls, etc. The only differences, between POP Tennis and tennis are that in POP Tennis, you get one underhand serve, and you play with a unique and “buttery” racquet/paddle. POP Tennis is the ideal sport to teach, alongside tennis, as they are completely complementary.

2. There is no overhand serving, far less running, a smaller court, less lively ball, and the racquet is far shorter, individuals can easily play POP Tennis and, in no time at all, play exciting and highly-satisfying points. As a direct result, POP Tennis is the perfect sport for everyone in our IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION society. Additionally, because of the smaller court size and underhand serve, POP Tennis is far less abrasive on your body—which is fantastic, for those of us who are 35 and older.

3. POP Tennis is so easy to master, new friends, acquaintances, and family members can play together, without concern for varying player skill levels and experience. Also, because POP Tennis has sustained rallies, it gives everyone a thoroughly enjoyable, health-enhancing, and highly-satisfying cardio workout.

4. POP Tennis is a great means to teach tennis strokes to juniors and have them master them on a smaller court. Additionally, younger and older adults alike, LOVE playing POP Tennis, because they feel as if they’re playing “Big Court tennis,” like they did back in the day. What an amazing feeling and gift!

So, what are the economic advantages of implementing POP Tennis at your club or facility?
First and foremost, it creates a highly effective way to keep players on the courts and bring new players to them, which means more lucrative individual and group lessons, more events, and more avenues to sell clothes, racquets, and gear for the director, pro, and club.

Due to POP Tennis being so easy and fun to play for individuals of all ages and abilities, people will repeatedly come back for lessons and clinics, so POP Tennis will be the gift that keeps on giving. You can also charge the same amount of money for POP lessons, as you do for tennis.

POP Tennis clothes and gear (except for the racquet), are the same, so having POP Tennis at your club, will take even better advantage of the clothes and gear that you currently sell at your pro shop.

POP Tennis racquets are, or will soon be, manufactured by most of the top tennis racquet manufacturers. The price points of top POP Tennis racquets, are between $120 and $200, with healthy profit margins, so selling racquets can be lucrative…and because POP Tennis, for the most part, will be a new sport to everyone at your club or facility, everyone will need to buy a new racquet, so there is a LITERAL GOLDMINE of racquet sales awaiting the pro, who successfully brings POP Tennis to their club or facility.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get POPPIN! *
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