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TGA and USPTA Work Together to Provide Professionals a Unique Opportunity to Ensure Their Future

<i>Photo by Brian Walters Photography
Photo by Brian Walters Photography
January 2016 -- The USPTA, diligently on the lookout for ways to impact its membership and ensure the future for tennis professionals nationwide, has discovered a landscape-changing endeavor that is bringing youth and families into tennis.

TGA Premier Youth Tennis, an educational, motivational and innovative youth sports business model, creates a blueprint for USPTA Professionals to impact thousands of students and families in their community. The blueprint empowers USPTA Professionals to use their skills and TGA’s business model to build a tennis ecosystem throughout their community. The unique model makes tennis available through a structured program in schools and community centers before transitioning new players to facilities and youth programs, thus creating new clients and future business for USPTA members.

Tom McGraw, USPTA’s Immediate Past President, calls partnering with TGA a game-changer, “Our vision as an association is to find ways to enhance the livelihood of our membership and create career opportunities in the industry to promote the sport of tennis,” he said. “TGA, with its youth sports franchise model, does exactly that for our members and we could not be more excited.”

TGA, which stands for Teach Grow Achieve, pioneered its youth sports franchise model in partnership with the USTA. The program has already activated more than 37,000 youth tennis players while making the sport available to over 250,000 families.

“Our model is beginning to have long-term sustainability within the tennis industry and is also attracting a younger generation who want to be their own boss, control their career path and build a successful business,” TGA founder and CEO Joshua ­Jacobs said. “We are putting USPTA Professionals in a great position to significantly grow and activate new players over the next 10 to 15 years by controlling the delivery system.”

With a youth movement and increased participation, the demand for USPTA Professionals to become coaches and provide proper instruction for young people is increasing. Tennis professional Rodolfo Cordova, who ran a non-profit junior tennis program in San Fernando Valley, Calif., recently earned his USPTA status and started coaching for TGA through its Los Angeles tennis programs. He was attracted to the TGA model because of its focus on youth and getting tennis in schools. He is now a frontline witness to TGA’s success.

“Having just started as a USPTA Professional and TGA instructor not too long ago, I can already see the impact TGA tennis is having on our community, my book of business and my personal brand as a USPTA Professional,” Cordova said. “It’s becoming infectious from school to school and parent to parent.  Parents are now taking the initiative and requesting that TGA Tennis be offered at their schools.”

As a new USPTA Professional, working with TGA allows Cordova to be fully vested in tennis as a career. “I see the TGA model grow and expand every day in my area. This allows me to generate more income, as well as have increased coaching opportunities through my adult programs with all the new clientele. My goal is to someday sustain myself solely through a tennis career and I can envision that with TGA.”

Cordova has also developed increased exposure as a tennis coach, creating opportunities for early-developed relationships between coach and student that can impact future business.

“TGA opens the door for me to coach both youth and parents while creating a long-term coaching relationship with the student. This can help to identify and develop future elite players by guiding them down the proper pathway of coaching.”

Today, TGA is up and running in 30 franchised markets with much of the U.S. markets still available for USPTA members looking to expand their career. With buy-in fees ranging from $6,000 to $35,000 depending on the market, TGA’s affordable start-up costs were recognized by Entrepreneur magazine as a “Top 10 Franchise Value” in 2011. 

“TGA has developed a new generation model that changes the way we grow the sport of tennis,” USPTA CEO John Embree said. “To be able to provide a proven business model and increase the offering of full- and part-time job opportunities to our members is critical for the future of our association and for our sport.” 

With TGA, USPTA members like Cordova garner a competitive advantage in their markets by providing introductory and recreational programs at every school and community center within their communities. As those youngsters age and become vested in the sport along with their parents, a future pipeline of business is being created and overall tennis participation is increased. USPTA members can also build a team to grow the business or even look at partnering with their local tennis club that might be looking to develop future business.

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