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Setteo: Building Up the Tennis Community

By Olivier Gracia, Chief Marketing Officer of Setteo

Setteo, the biggest racquet sports community, launched a new app for players and the first universal and unisex P2P ranking.

The four-year-old company Setteo with the vision to “Make the world play together” is writing history with their new app, Setteo Player available on both the App Store and the Google Playstore. The objective is simple: connect 650M racquet sports players worldwide.

Right now, Setteo is the international reference racquet sports community, offering its services to hundreds of clubs and associations, connecting more than 150k players worldwide.

The next step in Setteo’s development is driven by a fundamental change in their technology: they will use the blockchain technology to decentralize the racquet sports ecosystem giving back the power to the players and creating a truly engaged community.

The current observation of the racquet sports ecosystem is as follows:
  • No easy way to find a partner, a court or a coach, join a match and book a lesson as the community is fragmented and limited to the club environment.
  • Static regional rankings and old-fashioned competition formats that requires slow and expensive third-party validation and management.
  • Incentives distributed only to a very few top players and not necessarily to the ones effectively engaging the community and adding value to it.

The new Setteo Player app has been launched to solve these problems. The app connects the global community of racquet sports, featuring a universal and unisex P2P ranking called the Setteo Ranking and the SETcoin, the currency of racquet sports, and first and foremost a new way to reward the active players in the racquet sports ecosystem.

The Setteo ranking is a universal and unisex ranking system based on a peer to peer model turning every single match into a competition. To reach that goal three main elements were implemented:
  •  A trusted method to officialize a match result: a system where two authenticated players/teams could turn every match into a competition. No need of third-part institutions or organizations to validate a match result.
  • A reliable, independent and transparent way to store all historical results such as matches, rankings and player stats.
  • An algorithm to manage the Setteo Ranking: a trusted, transparent and immutable ranking based on Artificial Intelligence, that will provide a universal and unisex real time ranking.

With its clear goal to “Make the world play together” Setteo also wants to reward the ones that are the most active, as a player but also as an organizer.
A rewarding tool, in the form of a new cryptocurrency called SETcoin, was introduced to reward the players and organizers in exchange for their activities such as booking courts through the app, organizing competitions, play matches and more.

Since its foundation, Setteo has developed strong grassroots programs whether through its SaaS offer to clubs and associations or through its other strategic divisions: Setteo Events (tournament organization), and Setteo Force (network of ambassadors).

We truly believe in this community of individuals making the world play together by organizing and promoting racquet sports activities worldwide and want to empower them by building up a strong network around those ambassadors.

Setteo is putting solutions together to help them grow and make the best out of their activity:
  • Gain visibility
  • Engage your audience through online cutting-edge solutions: low cost, better traffic and interactions
  • Grow your credibility
  • Get new certifications
  • Manage your online and offline activity
  • Stay up to date with the latest trends and training possibilities
  • Share and promote your content easily to a qualified audience

Furthermore, Setteo offers financial reward through the SETcoins, an important technological advantage and access to its worldwide community.*

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