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Touch and go
prepared by Stan Oley, USPTA

Type: Singles Category: Approach/conditioning

Levels: Beginner/int./adv. Time/players: 20 minutes/1-4

Description and goals:

This FBT60 drill will improve a player’s fitness and approach shot. Player should focus on moving in to take the ball in an offensive position and drive the approach shot.


Set ball machine (or Pro) in the center of the baseline. First ball should be high soft shot that lands around the service line. Player A hits high forehand approach shot, continues toward the target on the court, touches it with the racquet and side steps back to the baseline and repeats drill for 8-10 balls alternating between forehand and backhand approach shots, then rests for 20-30 seconds. Repeat drill four times.

Variations: Set machine to feed low approach shot. Set machine to feed a volley after the approach. With multiple players, keep rotation moving quickly.

Key points:

Make sure to take the approach shot high for an aggressive shot. Keep ball frequency quick so that player has no waiting time after he returns to the start position. Place target off to the player’s racquet side so it can be easily touched and out of the way of the feeds. Target can be moved to increase or decrease intensity.

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