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Rotation warm up
prepared by USPTA


Type: Singles/doubles Category: Conditioning/warm up & stretching

Levels: Beginner/int./adv. Time/players: 15 minutes/4-8

Description and goals:

This drill will help all players warm up their bodies as well as their strokes. Net players hit volleys and baseline players hit groundstrokes.


Players start at the net and baseline. Pro feeds ball to baseline player on deuce side. Player hits shot at net players and the point is played out. When point ends, both teams rotate one position (deuce players rotate out, ad players rotate to deuce and waiting players rotate to ad position), and pro feeds another ball. This is a warm-up drill so keep players moving. After a few minutes, switch from baseline to net.

Variations: Have net team start on the service line or baseline to extend rallies. Do it as a singles warm up. Rotate players from net to baseline right away.

Key points:

Players must focus on movement and keeping the ball in play. Make sure players are staying active in order to warm up properly.

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