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Lose and switch drill
prepared by USPTA


Type: Doubles Category: Doubles/strategy & tactics

Levels: Beginner/int./adv. Time/players: 20 minutes/2-8

Description and goals:

The goal of this drill is to practice doubles play by creating openings and getting opponents out of position.


Players are positioned in usual one-up and one-back. Player A serves to C and the teams play the point out. Whoever makes an error or has a clean winner hit against them rotates out and the waiting player comes in. If point ends without an error or winner being hit, then players stay and play another point. Alternate points between deuce and ad courts. Keep score to 11.

Variations: With eight players, rotate as a team. Play best of three points before rotating.

Key points:

Players should focus on keeping the ball low to the net players and deep to the backcourt players. Players should work the ball to create openings either through the center (preferred) or the alleys.

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