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Defend four drill
prepared by USPTA


Type: Singles Category: Half-volley/passing/volley

Levels: Intermediate/adv. Time/players: 10 minutes/1-4

Description and goals:

Baseline players focus on hitting passing shots down the line and crosscourt while net players focus on hitting solid, deep volleys so they can defend the net. Net players must defend four passing shots.


Player A is on the baseline with Player B at net. Pro feeds ball to Player A, who hits a passing shot. Player B defends the net while the point is played out. Pro then feeds three more balls to Player A, who tries to pass Player B. Player A can hit the passing shots anywhere. Once four balls are defended, rotate players.

Variations: You can start drill by having Player A hit only down the line, then only crosscourt. Alternate starting with forehand or backhand passing shot. Keep score individually or as a team.

Key points:

Net players should focus on deep volleys and defending net position. Baseline players should focus on keeping the ball low over the net on passing shots. Make sure initial feed is difficult enough to keep Player A from hitting an easy winner.

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