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Guidelines for submitting articles to ADDvantage
  • Articles should be approximately 2,000 words long.
  • Articles should cover some aspect of a teaching professional's job.
  • Articles must be typed in a narrative form. The article should not be an outline or written as notes.
  • Contributions will be edited for magazine format and focus, and a copy will be sent to the author to review.
  • Please send good quality, in-focus photos related to the topic, if available. Digital files should be sent as TIFF or JPEG files and must be at least 300 dpi.
  • Articles submitted to ADDvantage are forwarded, with the name of the author removed, to the USPTA Technical Review Committee for approval.
  • Authors must sign a release form for any work submitted to us. This form assures us that the article is your original work, that you have not released the article previously to any other publication and prevents you from releasing it for further publication for a period of six months from the date of the agreement.
  • Please include a brief biography and a black and white photo (bust shot).
  • Send articles to the attention of the managing editor at the USPTA World Headquarters or via e-mail to
  • ADDvantage magazine does not pay authors for their articles.
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