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Diversity and Inclusion Accomplishments and Goals

By Diane Selke, USPTA Vice President
<i>Diane Selke
Diane Selke
April 2017 -- As chairwoman of both the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the Awards Committee, it’s my responsibility to keep track of how we are progressing with the initiatives we have in place. I’m happy to share with the membership what we have accomplished thus far and what our goals are looking to the future. I would like to thank the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which is in its second year of making great things happen –Gary ­Cimperman, Eddie Davis, Dale Evans, Tim ­Fitzgerald, Jack ­Foster, Warren Lem, Joy Macci, Suk Ong, ­Miranda ­Rodriguez and Karla Ruaya.

By end of 2016, the application for those wanting to serve on a national committee for 2018-2020 was updated. It will be sent out soon. Make sure to include your resume and send it in by the Nov. 1 deadline. Never served before? Get involved first by serving on a committee in your division.

The 2016 USPTA World Conference in Indian Wells had the most diverse list of speakers compared to any other conference! Thank you to Alan Cutler, Feisal Hassan and Fred Viancos. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee also provided information on speakers/seminars to the Education Committee for the 2017 USPTA World Conference.

There was a women’s open meeting at the 2016 World Conference that was well-attended. We now have a women’s task force led by Trish Faulkner. Members include Bunny Bruning, Pat Anderson, Kaitlin Flaherty, Megan Hall, Isabella Graf, Nancy Horowitz, Kathy Foulk, Miranda Rodriguez and Kim Jones. Divisions are also forming their own women’s networking groups. There will be a women’s open meeting at each World Conference. 

The ADD program, which offers applicants in need an opportunity to join the USPTA, was amended at the 2016 Executive Committee meeting. In addition to receiving the first year’s dues free, now, after the applicant takes and passes the exam, the second year will be 50 percent off and the third year will be 25 percent off. Go to and click on Financial Assistance (ADD Program). Sid Newcomb, USPTA National Tester, and all divisional testers have been updated on the ADD program.

Eddie Davis, Diversity and Inclusion Committee member, attend the Historically Black Colleges MEAC Championships last April where he set up a USPTA booth and spoke with many coaches. I attended the Women’s ITA Regional at Michigan State University and also talked to many coaches.

Yasmine Osborn, USTA Manager, Diversity and Inclusion at the USTA National Campus, is attending our monthly D & I conference calls.

We are gathering the divisional Diversity and Inclusion committee chair information and having them work with the USTA sectional Diversity and Inclusion chairs. There are events where we can work together and improve the diversity and inclusion in all sections. USTA has D & I grant money available.

We will finish the history of Diversity and Inclusion in the USPTA by end of 2017.

A list was provided with dates of the 2017 Division I, II, III Championships, NAIA, NJCAA, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities Championships (MEAC, SWAC and CIAA). Our goal is to have several USPTA Pros who live in these areas attend these events and get the word out about the USPTA. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is asking ALL members to add a component to one of your existing events in 2017 and help raise money for the USPTA Foundation. We can make a difference. Add a drawing, clinic, or mixer to an event. Money from the USPTA Foundation goes back in grants to USPTA Pros who are connected to a 503 C foundation. It’s a win-win for you!

We plan to get the women’s task force up and running by end of third quarter of 2017, if not sooner.

National Awards
Applications for the 2017 National Awards are due April 10, 2017. The forms can be found online at We are using Cognito Forms and they are easy to use. Any USPTA Professional, Elite or Master Professional can apply!  

Divisions may submit their award winners for national awards by using the appropriate official award applications. For 2018, the Awards Committee will review a procedure that would include a single application for both divisional and national awards. The Newsletter of the Year Award and Division of the Year Award will also be updated for 2018. 

If you have a comment or question, please email me at 
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