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New benefits for 2014 announced at World Conference

<i>USPTA President Tom McGraw signs an agreement with TGA alongside USPTA CEO John Embree and TGA CEO Joshua Jacobs.
USPTA President Tom McGraw signs an agreement with TGA alongside USPTA CEO John Embree and TGA CEO Joshua Jacobs.
November 2013 --

You asked, we listened. In an effort to offer you more for your membership and provide tangible and quantifiable benefits – and to educate the public about the quality of our professionals – we made some exciting announcements at the World Conference. Here’s a quick wrap up for those who missed it:

Membership changes

The National Board, along with the Testing and Certification, Education and Membership committees, have implemented an overhaul of the current membership structure. The goals for the new structure are:

• More education prior to testing and more job-related education

• Enhance certification, with testers taking on a larger role in teaching applicants how to teach

• Raising the standards of teaching professionals (our mission)

• Delineating membership categories with a more defined career path

• Opportunity to attract younger teaching professionals

The new structure will consist of the following categories:

• Master Professional

• Elite Professional

• Professional

• Recreational Coach

• Applicant

Elite Professional

All existing Professional 1 members will be converted to Elite Professional members. Starting in January, anyone wishing to become an Elite Professional must:

• Pass a written exam (online), which includes questions on: 

- Business (budgets, management, staffing, retail, customer service, etc.)

 - Programming (lessons, clinics, activities, events, etc.)

- Sport Science (motor skills, biomechanics, sport physiology, sport psychology, etc.)

- Tennis Operations (programs, staff supervision, facilities, etc.)

• Obtain the highest Professional level in Lessons and Stroke Production

• Pass a more comprehensive feeding exam

• Pass a new online stroke analysis exam

• Earn 16 specialty course credits and 24 APC credits


All existing Professional 2 and 3 members will be renamed Professional members. New applicants must successfully complete the following to attain this rating:

• Written exam

• Grip exam

• Feeding competency

• Lessons

- Private (one-on-one, 25 minutes) 

- Group (3-4 students, 25 minutes)

• Stroke production

• Stage 1 and 2 of Coach Youth Tennis

More information about this will be available in January.


ADDvantage magazine to merge with Tennis Industry magazine

USPTA and Tennis Industry magazine have made an agreement that will expand the reach of both publications and raise the profile with USPTA tennis-teaching Professionals. The USPTA ADDvantage section will appear in each issue of Tennis Industry magazine and will average 16 pages, except for a 36-page section in the August issue that will preview the annual USPTA World Conference. The first combined issue will be the January issue. All U.S. subscribers as well as USPTA members in the U.S. will receive the printed edition. International USPTA members will receive the digital edition. The digital edition of ADDvantage will continue to be online at


National Family Tennis Championships

USPTA has a new collaboration with the National Family Tennis Championships – a national family doubles tournament that puts families at center court. This program provides members with an opportunity to host a local round tournament and represents new revenue opportunities – both from tournament commissions and potential lesson revenue.

USPTA is seeking 250 USPTA members to host local round tournaments. Teams advance from local to regional play on to the National Championships, and regional winners receive an expense paid trip to the Championships held in New York in late August.

If you are interested in hosting a tournament, go to to complete the sanction application. Once approved, you will receive your marketing materials in early March, followed by tournament materials 10 days prior to your tournament date.


Health insurance for USPTA-certified Professionals

An important goal for USPTA is to be able to offer health insurance to certified Professionals effective Jan. 1 so that members will be able to avoid the tax penalties imposed through health care reform by not having essential minimum coverage. USPTA chose the combination of Woodruff-Sawyer, a nationally recognized full-service insurance brokerage and consulting firm, and Digital Insurance, one of the leading providers of health exchanges and access to individually purchased health care plans in the country. This combination will allow the membership to be supported fully during the research, examination and eventual purchase of health insurance should they not already be covered. For more information, go to


Retirement plan for USPTA-certified Professionals

Retirement Gold+ is a USPTA vendor-supported retirement program allowing for tax-deferred growth until funds are withdrawn at retirement. Depending on the plan type selected, benefits receive favorable tax treatment at retirement. In addition, members will have a choice of investments that include fixed interest or indexed products, variable products, mutual funds, stocks, bonds and managed money. Read more about this on Page 7.


TGA Premier Youth Tennis

USPTA and TGA Premier Youth Tennis have formed a strategic partnership to introduce TGA’s innovative business ownership opportunity and school-based activation model to USPTA members. The TGA will create a blueprint for USPTA Professionals to take their skills and scale a self-sustaining model to introduce the sport throughout their community, impacting thousands of students and families annually. The TGA model will then transition the new tennis players to local tennis facilities, and youth programs creating new clients and future business for USPTA Professionals. For more information about TGA Premier Youth Tennis and its franchise business opportunities, go to


2014 USPTA World Conference

Next year the USPTA World Conference will be held in conjunction with the Tennis Teachers Conference Aug. 22-25 in New York. The format will be different than in the past because of the location and shortened schedule. All attendees will receive tickets for the first day of the US Open. More information will be available as details are finalized. You don’t want to miss this one!

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