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Membership has its benefits!

USPTA is great value, smart choice

March 2008 -- Why bother to join a professional association? After all, ­association membership usually involves a commitment of time and money and, with so many other obligations pressing in on your busy life, is one more commitment really worth it?

You along with 14,500 other tennis-teaching professionals clearly see the importance of the USPTA, the oldest and largest association of tennis-teaching professionals. You have made an important investment in the future of your tennis-teaching career by becoming a USPTA member and getting USPTA-certified. While each of you may have joined because of different motivating factors, of you recognized the value of joining the USPTA.

However, in case you've forgotten what your association membership is all about - here are some key reasons for becoming involved. If you're already convinced of your association's value, pass this article along to a friend or acquaintance who might benefit from membership.

Advocacy. An association represents your interests before the business community and government. And if your business or industry faces major threats, your association is right there, fighting for you. The USPTA has executives and representatives at all key industry meetings and events to serve and represent all of you, the tennis-teaching professionals, and it's a role that our executives and representatives take very seriously.

Benefits. Many associations offer a variety of tangible benefits to members and their employees: purchasing discounts, liability insurance, continuing education and more. We at the USPTA are proud to now offer our members more than 55 professional benefits.

Friendship. Your association's members are people who have many of the same concerns, needs and interests as you. They're the kind of people you'll enjoy meeting. And they're the kind of people who will probably end up as your friends. If you haven't yet, get out there and meet some of your fellow USPTA Professionals at the next USPTA convention or tournament near you!

Give-and-take. An association provides members with the opportunity to discuss their mutual problems, probe new directions, and share and debate each other's thoughts, all with a high degree of respect and candor. What better way to grow the tennis industry and your personal influence in it than by sharing thoughts and solutions on issues facing the tennis-teaching industry?

Happenings. Associations sponsor a variety of enriching events and activities: conferences, receptions, luncheons, forums, parties and more. The USPTA offers numerous divisional conventions, a World Conference, tournaments and other local and online educational and networking opportunities.

Leadership. Your business or trade needs leaders - people who can actively mobilize you and your peers toward industrywide action, and who can chart your industry's future. An association produces voluntary leadership that can make a difference. The USPTA is proud to be able to bring you a Board of Directors with some of the most knowledgeable names in the tennis industry and an Executive Committee made up of a very competent group of tennis-teaching professionals.

Networking. Networking is today's buzzword. Association events, meetings, member directories and information exchanges make networking a reality for you and your peers. Start building your network today by meeting local USPTA tennis-teaching professionals near you!

Profit. Face it: You're in business to make a profit. Your ability to generate profit is your association's primary concern, and the association's programs are ultimately geared to help you survive and prosper. The USPTA offers several programs and new initiatives to help enhance your tennis business, bring in new students and grow the game.

Quality. In this quality-conscious age, the degree to which you're able to sustain high standards of product quality and customer service will strongly influence your ability to grow. An association provides you with tools and examples of best practices and gives you the chance to learn from them. The USPTA continually strives to raise the standard for tennis-teaching certification and education.

Seminars. One of the greatest pleasures of association membership is participation in annual or biannual seminars - thought-provoking educational sessions led by successful peers as well as regionally and nationally recognized business experts. Seminars are offered throughout the year at all of the USPTA divisional conventions and at the World Conference featuring top names in the tennis industry.

Unity. You're never alone when you join an association. Membership gives you and your peers the opportunity to speak with a single voice on matters of importance to your industry.

Vision. A wise sage once said that the characteristic of a true leader is the ability to mobilize toward the future. An association helps you visualize the opportunities that lie ahead and find the tools necessary to turn those opportunities into sound business plans. The USPTA truly prides itself in being the future of tennis especially as one of the most technologically advanced companies in the industry and is proud to be able to bring this vision to all of our members through the vast technologically driven educational resources.

The USPTA is excited to bring you numerous benefits, so look for articles in upcoming issues that will announce exciting new benefits and remind you of some of your existing benefits that you may not be using to their fullest potential to benefit you and your tennis business.

USPTA Benefits

Education Web site - Members can receive valuable information in the education section of the members only Web site at An extensive library of educational seminars is offered online in audio format. The seminars are grouped into five basic categories: teaching, business, sport science, facility management and Spanish. This site also features online lessons with video and graphics. This area is continually updated as USPTA builds the library from previous World Conferences, recent seminars and other special presentations.

Free personal Web site - is a personalized Web site for USPTA members. It allows you to input content and market yourself and your accomplishments in the broadest sense, and it's free to certified members of USPTA. You may promote yourself to owners, managers, potential employers and students. The site features your biography, information on your facility, tennis tips, and links to tennis, business and family-related sites. There are also pages for your lessons, events and news. Once you visit the home page of your site, you may personalize your site after using the login in the upper left-hand corner. Follow the easy-to-use instructions for adding content.

Find-a-Pro - Find a job or hire an employee, free, with Find-a-Pro at This valuable benefit allows employers to post job openings for tennis professionals, and USPTA members to view the nationwide and international listings whenever it's convenient. Also, members of the public may find professionals in their local areas by typing in a city name or ZIP code and viewing a list of USPTA members, along with their personal Web sites. Parents and members of the public are also encouraged to call a local professional for help finding playing partners. USPTA gives you the products, programs and services to enhance your career in the tennis industry. (

Public relations tools - Career center An important part of your career is self-promotion. These public relations tools can be helpful at both the job search stage and when you want to increase your value to current employers and customers. This area provides you with suggestions on how to promote your skills and business to employers, your local community and more through the media with press releases and hints on how to use your USPTA membership to build brand recognition and image with all the markets you wish to reach.

High School Coaches Resource Center - This is a registration-based site full of information that will be helpful to high school coaches and their players. It is free to USPTA members. The cornerstone of this site is a set of tools coaches can use to streamline team practices. There are tips, drills, links and other USPTA resources every coach will find useful. USPTA members do not need to subscribe. USPTA members enter the site by clicking the Enter button under "USPTA login" (

Player Development inserts - The USPTA Player Development Program is designed to serve as an educational resource center for the ever-evolving game and help all tennis teachers introduce new techniques to their players. It has the potential to change the way people teach and learn tennis, and its direct results will be better teachers, more educational resources, and an increased interest in and enthusiasm for the sport among all players - from beginners to touring pros. USPTA introduces and explains the numerous components of its Player Development Program in a series of special inserts that appear in ADDvantage magazine and on USPTA's Web site.

Friends & family promotion - Don't miss out on the chance to buy gifts for friends and family for 2008! Purchase up to $600 worth of HEAD merchandise at preferred player prices during the promotional period. For more information, please contact Team HEAD at 800-289-7366 or e-mail *Not available for international shipments. (Due to licensing agreements worldwide, HEAD USA cannot ship products internationally.) - Founded by USPTA member John Yandell, offers extensive online information and visual resources that are now available to USPTA Professionals and Developmental Coaches at no cost. The site has hundreds of instructional articles illustrated with digital photography and state-of-the-art video. The stroke archives, which contain more than 20,000 stroke clips, allow you to examine the complete technical game of more than 60 great players. The site also provides coaches and tennis-teaching professionals with the digital resources for cutting-edge video analysis. Access through your USPTA personal Web site.

Job search tools - Career center Finding a job can be a difficult task. These tools may help alleviate some of the stress associated with finding that first job or finding that new job after years with one club or facility. This section of the Career Center includes sample resumes and tips for producing eye-catching documents that will get you in the door. Also, you'll need the right introduction, and that's a good cover letter. This area has a sample cover letter and some tips for producing effective communications to prospective employers. Once you get the call for an interview, you may want to scan the interview tips, and brush up on how to prepare for the meeting and talking with the various people who will be a part of the hiring process.

DVDs - USPTA DVDs feature instruction and drills by top USPTA-certified tennis-teaching professionals, as well as interviews with them. These great educational resources will retail for just under $20. No other tennis-teaching organization produces the volume and quality of instructional DVDs that the USPTA does. The contemporary content incorporates both modern and time-tested tennis techniques. To assure quality, each DVD goes through an intensive review process that includes evaluation by a USPTA Master Professional and two Pro 1 level USPTA tennis-teaching professionals. The DVDs, produced in-house by the USPTA's own multimedia department, feature lessons by highly qualified USPTA instructors. The instruction is current and correct in order to guarantee a successful lesson.

Drills - View a variery of drills in two areas at or
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