Newsletter - ADDvantage Rules in Doubles 12:00:00 AM<p>May 2014 -- When it comes to tennis, expect the unexpected. So many factors about the game make it extremely unpredictable.Growing the Game; Growing Your Business 12:00:00 AM<p><font face="Arial">May 2014 -- Tap into the flourishing youth tennis market and give your programming a boost by hosting a Play Day. Grow your business and get more kids playing by introducing them to competition in a low-pressure setting so they can transition to team tennis and tournaments.USPTA Accepting Nominations for Annual Awards 12:00:00 AM<p>May 2014 -- USPTA is now accepting nominations for its 2014 National Awards Program. As the leader in tennis-teacher education and certification, each year the USPTA honors members who are committed to excellence as tennis teachers and as ambassadors using tennis to impact people and communities.Grass Courts Added to USPTA 2014 National Tournament Series Slate 12:00:00 AM<p>May 2014 -- USPTA added a fourth tournament to its 2014 National Surface Championship Series schedule, which will now cover all four court surfaces. </p><p>The 2014 USPTA Grass Court Championships will be held at the Desert Highlands Racquet Club Sept.USPTA, Fromuth Extend Partnership to 2021 12:00:00 AM<p>April 2014 --</p><p>The United States Professional Tennis Association extended its partnership with Fromuth Tennis an additional five years through August 2021 to be the exclusive provider of Nike footwear and apparel.&nbsp; The agreement links the No.Access Great Content Anywhere, Anytime with USPTA TV 12:00:00 AM<p>April 2014 --</p><p><strong>USPTA</strong> and <strong>Dartfish</strong> are very proud to announce the launch of the <strong>USPTA TV</strong> app for both iOS and Android devices.&nbsp; This free app, available in Apple&#8217;s App Store and Google Play,&nbsp; is a direct portal to educational content and teaching resources posted to the USPTA&#8217;s channel on Testing and Education Requirements, Opportunities for USPTA Pros 12:00:00 AM<p>April 2014 --</p><p>The year has gotten off to a fast start and there are lots of new initiatives for 2014. We have finally caught our breaths from the furious pace we set in testing and certification at the end of 2013.Q & A with ThanksUSA Founders Rachel and Kelsi Okun 12:00:00 AM<p>April 2014 --</p><p>Two teenage girls from McLean, Va., have vowed never to forget our Armed Forces and their families by saying thank you through one of life&#8217;s most precious gifts &#8211; education.</p><p>Nine years ago, at ages 8 and 10, &nbsp;&shy;Rachel and Kelsi Okun launched ThanksUSA, a non-profit organization that provides need-based post-secondary educational scholarships to the children and spouses of U.S.Tennis Across America Celebrates 25 Years 12:00:00 AM<p><font face="Arial">March 2014 --</font></p><p><font face="Arial">Since 1990, USPTA and its members have made an invaluable impact on the community by growing the sport of tennis through Tennis Across America&trade;.&nbsp; Thousands of people have had the chance to pick up a racquet and fall in love with the game thanks to the efforts of USPTA Professionals who have donated their time throughout the years.</font></p><p><font face="Arial">2014 marks the 25th annual Tennis Across America, USPTA&#8217;s free lesson program designed to introduce the game of tennis to children and adults who have never experienced it.Tennis Thanks the Troops 12:00:00 AM<p>March 2014 -- </p><span lang="EN"><p dir="LTR" align="LEFT">Memorial Day Weekend marks the start of summer and this year we want it to mark the start of a nationwide movement from the tennis community to say thanks to the brave men and women of our U.S. military and their families.Professional Tennis Management: A Gateway to the Tennis Industry 12:00:00 AM<font face="Arial">March 2014 -- </font><span lang="EN"><p dir="LTR" align="LEFT"><font face="Arial">Imagine growing up in a small town in northwest Indiana, a town with two public tennis courts and an hour from the nearest "tennis facility." Now imagine not picking up a racquet until the first day of tennis practice your freshman year of high school and never taking a lesson. Most would agree that coming from this environment is going to make it difficult to become a good tennis player, let alone a teaching professional.Developing Athletic Skills Through Cardio Tennis – The importance catching and tossing 12:00:00 AM<p><font color="#000000" face="Arial">March 2014 -- </font></p><p><font face="Arial"><font color="#000000"></font><span style='line-height: 150%; font-family: "Arial","sans-serif"; font-size: 11pt; mso-bidi-font-family: "Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-language: JA; mso-bidi-font-weight: bold;'><font color="#000000"><font size="3">How often do you havesomeone start taking tennis lessons who has no athletic background? In abeginning class one very athletic person seems to pick up everything naturallyand easily while another person has no feel for movement or racquet skills.Success in our sport requires a number of specific athletic skills in order toplay effectively.10 ways to move 10 and Under players into competition 12:00:00 AM<p><font face="Arial">March 2014 --</font></p><p><font face="Arial">Our sport has a problem. Young players across the country are becoming experts at <em>practicing</em> our sport, but are illiterate when it comes to <em>playing</em> our sport.Preventing shoulder injuries through proper warm up 12:00:00 AM<p><font face="Arial">March 2014 -- </font></p><p><font face="Arial"><strong>Introduction:</strong><br>The sport of tennis requires an extreme amount of muscular power, endurance, and flexibility for optimum performance.&nbsp; The nature of the sport however is very repetitive, and with repetition there is an increased chance for overuse injuries, especially in the shoulder.USPTA signs Prince partnership with multiyear deal 12:00:00 AM<font color="#000000" face="Arial">February 2014 -- </font><span lang="EN"><p dir="LTR" align="LEFT"><font color="#000000" face="Arial">This year, USPTA begins an exclusive endorsement relationship with Prince Global Sports for racquets, string and accessories. In addition, Prince will serve as the official ball of the USPTA.USPTA endorses Hop-a-Razzi and NetKnacks products 12:00:00 AM<font color="#000000" face="Arial">February 2014 -- </font><span lang="EN"><p align="LEFT" dir="LTR"><font color="#000000" face="Arial">The new year brings two more new industry endorsements to USPTA: first, a multiyear partnership with <strong>Hop-a-Razzi</strong> that names the manufacturer the official ball basket of the association. Secondly, <b>NetKnacksTennis Awards</b> has been named USPTA&#8217;s preferred awards and promotional products provider.National Family Tennis Championships Provides USPTA Pros with Revenue Opportunities 12:00:00 AM<font face="Arial">February 2014 -- </font><span lang="EN"><p dir="LTR" align="LEFT"><font face="Arial">Looking for an opportunity to earn a little money? Thanks to the USPTA&#8217;s collaboration with the National Family &shy;Tennis Championships, you can! NFTC is a family doubles tournament where families advance through local and regional play to a national championship. The tournament is open to amateur players of all levels.</font></p><font face="Arial"></font><p dir="LTR" align="LEFT"><font face="Arial">USPTA Pros who host a tournament could earn a minimum $612 (if they meet the minimum requirements of hosting) and will receive marketing and tournament materials from NFTC.Special Delivery: What Baseball Taught Me About Tennis 12:00:00 AM<p><font face="Arial">February 2014 -- </font></p><p><font face="Arial">In 1997, I was 16 years old and playing for the Saint Ignatius High School tennis team in Cleveland, Ohio, when I inherited a job as the Cleveland Indians&#8217; batboy. My development as a tennis player was put on hold as I found myself surrounded by throngs of All-Star baseball players such as Orel Hershiser, Jose Mesa, Bartolo Colon, Omar Vizquel, Jim Thome, Manny Ramirez, Sandy Alomar Jr., and many others in a season that led us all the way to the 11th inning of Game 7 of the World Series.Process Goals = Equals = Outcome Goals 12:00:00 AM<p>February 2014 -- </p><p>As tennis teachers we can measure improvement and success in each and every lesson by developing process goals: those factors students have control over. These process goals lead to outcome goals, which are goals set in advance to achieve clearly defined end results.Know Your Numbers: What tennis pros need to know about business 12:00:00 AM<p>February 2014 -- </p>Remember the first time you heard how to keep score in tennis? Fifteen, love, deuce, advantage this or that; such an odd way to keep score. Seemed a little daunting at first, then after the tennis pro gave you a short history course on the game and how the scoring system developed, it made it a little more logical for you.Understand your role 12:00:00 AM<font face="Arial">January 2014 -- </font><span lang="EN"><p dir="ltr" align="left"><font face="Arial">In our chosen careers as tennis professionals, we are often asked to wear various hats. Besides an instructor of tennis, we are meteorologists, psychiatrists, fitness trainers, maintenance workers, bartenders, politicians, accountants, fashion consultants, physical therapists and much more.USPTA Pros help teenager fund cancer research through Tennis Relay 12:00:00 AM<font face="Arial">January 2014 -- </font><span lang="EN"><p dir="ltr" align="left"><font face="Arial">While most teenagers spend their time worrying about college or getting their driver&#8217;s license, Teah Flynn wants to fight cancer with tennis balls.</font></p><p dir="ltr" align="left"><font face="Arial">Last year, the 16-year-old tennis player founded the Keep the Ball in Motion &#8211; Rally and Give Back Tennis Relay, an all-day event held to raise money for cancer research. Flynn said 100 percent of the proceeds go straight to the Washington University School of Medicine in St.Keeping your players healthy on the court 12:00:00 AM<font color="#000000" face="Arial">January 2014 -- </font><span lang="EN"><p dir="ltr" align="left"><font color="#000000" face="Arial">You&#8217;ve been there. One of your tennis clients is making gains, having fun on the court, booking lessons and then &#8211; BAM &#8211; they get injured and it all falls apart.Are you ready to run a tournament? The prevention of the angry parent & player 12:00:00 AM<p><font face="Arial">January 2014 -- </font></p><p><span style="FONT-FAMILY: 'ArialMT','sans-serif'; COLOR: black; FONT-SIZE: 12pt; mso-bidi-font-family: ArialMT">A little over 15 years ago, I ran my first USTA tournament. I was told there wasn&#8217;t anything to it, other than placing people on the court and watching some slightly above average adult players competing for a trophy that would probably end up in their attic.Gain perspective by starting at square one 12:00:00 AM<p><font face="Arial">January 2014 -- </font></p><p style="LINE-HEIGHT: normal; MARGIN: 0in 0in 10pt; mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto" class="MsoNormal"><span style="FONT-FAMILY: 'Arial','sans-serif'; FONT-SIZE: 12pt; mso-fareast-font-family: 'Times New Roman'">Steve Blank, a retired entrepreneur and author once noted that, &#8220;Great careers start by peeling potatoes.&#8221; Starting from the bottom is a difficult thought for a lot of people to comprehend. We are conditioned to believe that by obtaining a college education the future would hold endless possibilities and the world was ours to take.